MICHIGAN WOLVERINES Flower Pot Birdhouse Steel Weathervane

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The weathervane top does pivot but is more decorative as it is too small to catch enough wind to move easily.
They are all made with pride by a small family business located in the US.
The weathervane is made out of steel and painted with copper colored powder coat paint. "Baked on Paint"

The garden mount, which simply sticks into the ground, makes it the most popular and the most universal mount.

Garden Mount: consists of a solid 3/16" rod that stands roughly 26 inches tall.
Roof Mount: a V-shaped mounting plate that bends to any pitched roof; best for a birdhouse.
Flat/Desk Mount: a 2 5/8 inch flat plate; best to display on a shelf or desk.
Weathervane Top Only: Laser cut out of 1 solid piece of steel and is approximately 6 inches wide.